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AfcomTech is an established name in the consumer electronic distribution industry. Based in Miami, Florida, our privately-owned company began its journey with an immense passion and expertise in consumer devices and hardware.

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We specialize in generating preselected product catalogs for specific groups, with the pre-sale, sale and post-sales services they need.
Do you want to get special prices for your employees? Are you part of an association and want to have a catalog adapted to the needs of its members?
At AFCOM we can help you.

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All JBL Products

The largest selection in high quality products in wireless and portable audio.

JBL designs connected products and solutions for automobile manufacturers, consumers and businesses around the world, including connected car systems, audio and visual products, business automation solutions; and connected services.

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Google Chromecast Ultra

Play streaming entertainment content with up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR quality.
Chromecast Ultra is a streaming playback device that connects to your TV’s HDMI port and works quickly and reliably, minimizes buffering and offers smooth streaming playback. Use an iPhone®, iPad®, Android device or laptop to play streaming content from thousands of compatible applications.

The best way to send video in 4K and much more to your TV.

With Chromecast Ultra, your device is the controller. It is easy to control the TV from anywhere in your house.
Google Chromecast Ultra

Bags, Cases and Backpacks

Thule phone cases protect your smartphone so you can live life to the fullest. And, along with our tablet and computer cases, they look good too!

At Thule , we know all about the protection of important elements. And for that reason, we have put that knowledge in our designs for cases and cases to provide the best possible protection. From experience, we also know the value of trying our products tirelessly. Because if they live up to our extreme standards, then you can be sure that they will handle whatever your active life can offer them.

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If you need to individually identify each product or make packaged deliveries with different references, AFCOM can help you. Any type of identification system, whether it is a single corporate identity or personalized by user, team, headquarters or department. And with different finishes: labeling, laser, silkscreen, etc.

Pre Sale

A specialized, trained and up-to-date team that understands the needs of customers and analyzes your current and future business, to offer you the device you need at any time.

Post Sale

We manage the guarantees of the equipment with the manufacturers, so that your company does not have to dedicate resources to that task. We have a direct communication channel with the manufacturers, we know the procedures to follow for each brand and in some cases, we can carry out the repair as an authorized technical team, which allows us to reduce the response and resolution times.
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